Friday, April 3, 2009

Shoe Styles-Adelaide Shoe with Imitation Back Counter

Whatever shoe you decide to choose, you have generally thought about what you would like to use that particular style of shoe for. Whether it be a Black Calf Oxford with a stitched cap for a wedding or a Brown Grain Calf Full Brogue for the country or weekends, you have thought about what you want to wear to compliment the clothing you will be wearing with them.

An Adelaide Oxford in Dark Burgundy Calf opposite can be worn with many colours from navy, brown, grey or tweeds and from casual to semi formal. It is a very good style of shoe that can be used for many occassions. This particular style has been made with an imitation back counter of 2 & 1 punching, so that the shoe is virtually one piece except for the toe cap. It is a very smart shoe and carries its own style and is just that little bit different from a regular adelaide style.

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