Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Semi Brogues

Semi Brogues come in a wide range of styles, 'not just a half brogue'. There are a lot of choices to be made when deciding whether to have an adelaide facing, what punching to the toe cap, the choice of colour, leather, suede or buckskin, a combination of leather and suede or even a brown and white correspondant shoe, the choices really are endless.

Here you will see a range of semi brogues, all are different but have their own individual look to them, just like people. We are all individuals and like to be able to make choices that make the shoes and clothing we wear individual to us, adding detail here, reducing detail there, that is what enables us to do what we can when making a bespoke shoe.

The first shoe is a semi brogue with a star design on the toe, at the back of the shoe was a crescent moon.
The second semi brogue is in a dark burgundy calf skin with a slightly different toe design.
The third is a semi brogue in suede, great for weekends, semi formal and casual wear. This style is a good all round shoe that can be worn with almost anything from a suit to jeans or cords.
The fourth is what is know as an adelaide semi brogue, take a look at where the laces are, the punching around does not extend to the side of the shoe, it is enclosed and curves back up to the top of the shoe, in my opinion a little more formal looking and a great looking shoe.

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