Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Prices of Bespoke/Custom shoes/suits $$$$!!!!!!

I am in New York City at the moment with Tailor Steven Hitchcock, we went for a walk on the Monday along Madison Avenue, lots of very nice stores with plenty of beautiful things in them. The few we did go in to, to take a look around, we found the prices of 'ready to wear' shoes and suits are the same if not MORE than it costs to have something made for you by hand. I saw alligator shoes at nearly $11000.00 (Eleven Thousand!!!!! - ready to wear!!!). You could come in and see us while we are in New York and order a pair of bespoke alligator shoes and a suit for the same price!!!!! You could choose the colours, choose the fabric, enjoy choosing the style, the cut, the service............... You would experience something that you DO NOT get ready to wear!

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