Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ready to Wear Shoes

Ready to Wear Shoes & Boots

When it comes to choosing a ready to wear shoe or boot there is a lot to consider, style, colours, fit, shape and of course price. Trying to find something that fits all of these categories can sometimes feel like you are on an endless quest for something that may take years of searching or that you may never find! When it came for me to introduce a ready to wear range, there are certain options, do I introduce a range made up from my designs, do I use a range already designed and put my name in or go with a range that is already there that offers excellent quality, style, fit & at a price that suits most people? The answer is I am working with Trickers and currently able to offer their complete in stock and their m.t.o. range. Their designs for the city are timeless and their country shoes and boots are by far strong enough and well suited to anything you may want to put them through. With single leather soles for the city and double leather soles for the country there are so many different styles, leather and colour options available. With prices starting at around $450.00 (£255.00) including shipping there is definitely a shoe or boot for you. To order or request style information please email or call (001) 540-222-6267.

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