Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brown Pebble Grain Country Boot

Just the thing for snowy days or that walk in the country, made in brown pebble grain calf with a commando rubber stormwelted sole. It will give you grip when you need it and the upper is lined in leather for added protection and strength. A classic style for any outdoor wear from a plaid suit to jeans or cords. The ideal boot for tramping through the countryside in the dry, wet or snow. The sole is a commando rubber sole with a cleated design that will give you that added grip when you need it and help you in almost any terrain. The upper is a brown pebble grain designed to protect in open fields, gorse or any other place you happen to be. Probably the perfect boot for anywhere you wish or wish not to be!

Order today from The London Shoemaker at or by calling 020 8144 5858


Cheap Men Suits said...

I want to wear that boot and wear a plaid suit, I think that they fit well together.

The London Shoemaker said...

That would work very well and look extremely nice.

The London Shoemaker said...

that would be an extremely good look and compliment one another too.