Tuesday, November 30, 2010

English Sheepskin Slippers

With those cold winter nights here and the snow falling, what better than a pair of English Sheepskin slippers. Available in navy or wine and full sizes 6-13 (UK) With a sheepskin lining and suede upper and soft suede sole these are sure to keep you warm on the coldest of days. Traditionally made and styled to a classic english slipper they are a timeless design that always look exquisite. The rich navy or wine colours are tasteful and look very good around the home. The soft suede sole is very comfortable and from the first time you put them on you will wonder why you didn't order these before. £105.00 ($220.00) plus shipping. To Order please call (UK) 0208 144 5858 or email enquiries@thelondonshoemaker.co.uk


nancy dyna said...

These black velvet houseshoes for Ladies and Gentlemen are available to order. To guarantee your order for Valentines Day 2011 or for any other special occassion please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.........

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dokan sam said...

Sheep skin slippers are along with the most fashionable slipper choices on the marketplace. I was very appreciated on the post you have written. Thanks admin for this post.
Sheepskin Slippers